Friday, 4 October 2019


As we brush off the last winter cobweb and dust off our shades, now's the opportunity to produce the ideal home inside for the summertime. Whether you fancy only a few tiny alterations or a entire overhaul, then you can be motivated by the worldwide tendencies taking insides by storm and make an area that will seem fresh for several summers to come.
Here are our favorite trends for summer time:

1) Brick appearance floors

If you adore the look of wood but need the durability of laminate, then you are in luck. Among the greatest trends in floors for summer time is laminate timber-look floors, that has the look of wood in a fraction of the price.

2 ) Natural Substances

This summer, we'll see more insides featuring natural materials for a earthy, rustic appearance. Wood floors are a popular choice, letting you set the tone of a space and make actual impact. The broad selection of wood flooring available enables you to choose the species, shade and finish you desire for a completely individual look.

3) Patterns

Be bold this summer and adopt the patterned appearance. From art deco checkerboard flooring to patterned laminate and herringbone hardwood flooring, you can easily harness this trend in your interior space. If you are not courageous enough to deck out your entire kitchen with a patterned floor, consider using it to liven up one of your smaller spaces.

4) Light and Glowing

The key colours for this summer are soft whites, greys and silvers. The good news is you can use either laminatewood flooring or wood flooring to embrace this trend. These light colors are great for injecting new life into a room, helping to create the sensation of space by making a room feel bright and airy.

5) A wide appeal

Wide boards continue to be popular this summer with their ability to widen and open a space visually. North London Floors supplies 220mm around 300mm boards in a choice of on-trend finishes. The beauty of modern technology means that wide boards not just look fantastic, but they perform well also.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Wandsworth Floor Sanding


Most of the renovations are starting great, but soon after feels like nothing is changed or back to the old view again. When your interior is in need of renovation we are ready to provide you with the finest techniques in floor sanding business. We are aware floors are important because nothing can change the design at home better than a reliable, solid and welcoming wooden floors!

This is way a popular choice for refreshment these days is exactly the sanding procedure ! It helps your environment to improve completely !

Floor sanding immediately transform your home ! Our passion for wooden floors is something that we are happy to share with our customers for so many years! For our company this sanding procedure is never ‘just a job’ because we are working for you to feel relaxed at your home !